Our History

At Nutrisoluxns, we place constant emphasis on eco-friendly electronics and sustainable technologies. Since our inception in 2003, we have diversified into similar and more challenging fields of technology.

In 2013, we embarked on a joint partnership with Wuhan Sunhy Biology Co., Ltd, a well-established and renowned entity that focuses on researching and manufacturing enzymes in Mainland China. Wuhan Sunhy Biology Co., Ltd had been awarded numerous patents for the development of their products. Furthermore, many of their research and developments are fully backed by the Chinese government. Despite having a strong footprint in Mainland China, Wuhan Sunhy Biology Co., Ltd.’s international presence is still budding.

Being strategically located in Singapore, Nutrisoluxns managed and oversaw the entire South-East Asia (SEA) market on behalf of Wuhan Sunhy Biology Co., Ltd. We delegate manpower resources and logistical support in Singapore to provide support related to technical and sales for our regional clientele in the most optimal and efficient ways. We value time and resources greatly.

In 2017, Nutrisoluxns had ceased to be a subsidiary of Wuhan Sunhy Biology Co., Ltd. and became an independent private listed company since then.

Today, Nutrisoluxns aims to be a leading company in providing services related to technology, whether it is biotech or fintech, health care or information technology. Due to the current global pandemic and imminent diseases in the future, the demand for these services will inevitably increase. Nutrisoluxns will be there for you.

We look forward to greater and more exciting prospects soon!